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Hot-Dip Galvanizing a Multi-Strip Welded Coil

July 9, 2013

Abstract: Three cold rolled, annealed, uncoated steel coils of differential thickness and strength grades were joined autogenously, edge to edge, in a laser butt-welding process on TWB Company’s tailor welded coil line. This multi-strip, welded coil was then hot-dip galvanized continuously inline at Spartan Steel Coating. Both of these companies have facilities located in Monroe, Michigan which is where the welding and coating trial took place. 

The purpose of this trial was to determine if a multi-thickness coil could be coated in an inline process. The base material and coating properties before and after the coating process were measured. The team evaluated the base material and coating properties and characteristics that would predict intended performance. This initial trial proved the concept and eased uncertainties of processing a differential thickness coil through a production galvanizing line.

TWB Company


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