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Theoretically exact planes, lines or points from which other features are located on design drawings.


To remove the sharp, knife-like edge from parts.

Dedicated Tooling

Commonly referred to as hard tooling is tooling made to produce a specific part.


Defective surface condition where scale, slag or other impurities not removed during mill processing affect the surface of the sheet.

Depth Stop

See Back Gauge.


Tool with a void or cavity which is precisely fitted to a Punch used to shear or form sheet metal parts.

Die Angle

Forming term used to denote the inside angle of a matched punch and die set.

Die Clearance

Amount of space between the punch and die opening per side.

Die Cushion

Large pressurized cylinder, generally housed beneath the bed of a press which is used to apply upward pressure to the lower die.

Die Cut Inserts

Packaging elements, generally of cardboard, which are machine blanked to a specific shape in order to precisely fit a part contour.