Titanium-AM Company IperionX Adds Sears, Gains U.S. Navy Work

February 16, 2023

IperionX announced that it has added Harold Sears to its team where he will help build additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities that will utilize titanium manufactured in the company’s low-carbon titanium-processing technologies. Sears, formerly responsible for AM technology at Ford Motor Co., is a long-time AM veteran involved with driving emerging technologies to a manufacturing production state. “It will be great to have Sears’ deep experience and talent on the team,” says Taso Arima, IperionX CEO and co-founder.

Earlier in February, it was announced that IperionX will use titanium scrap sourced domestically, including from the U.S. Navy, to recycle into high-quality titanium to additively manufacture prototype titanium pump components. Carver Pump will lead qualification of these new titanium components for use by the Navy.

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