Betatype Reduces Manufacturing Time and Cost

August 21, 2018

London-based Betatype, a provider of additively manufactured (AM) components, has produced 384 headlight parts in a single build using metal-powder-bed fusion, reducing costs by thousands, and time by hundreds of hours. 

Through this process, the company streamlined the production of large heatsinks for LED automotive headlights. Using single-laser machines, such as the EOS M280 and Renishaw’s RenAM 500M, and using powder-bed fusion, Betatype designed parts with in-built support features, reducing cost-per-part from more than $38 to less than $4, while build time was reduced from about 444 to 30 hr. 

Betatype believes the efficiency of this build process, which produced hundreds of parts concurrently, demonstrates the true potential of AM.

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