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New Punching and Shearing Cell with Linear Drives

September 15, 2015

Prima Power North AmericaThe new Shear Brilliance punching and shearing cell from Prima Power North America, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL, is constructed with the latest composite materials, servo-electric technology and linear drives to enable improved productivity in flexible fabrication.

The fully servo-electric Shear Brilliance features linear-drive technology for rapid sheet positioning. With long travel of the 4070-mm coordinate table, the full 3100-mm working area for punching and shearing can be used without repositioning. Sheets are pre-positioned during machine operation, which reduces loading time.

The cell’s 1300 hits/min. punching speed adds productivity, and large tooling capacity in a 24- or 30-station turret ensures minimum setup times and maximum tool quantity in single setup. Tool sizes can be chosen by the user, which adds flexibility in production.

With as much as 35 t of servo-electric ram force − the highest available in servo-electric punching, according to company officials—allows for complex contours, using one hit instead of two. As fewer hits are needed, production speed is improved. Also, automatic clearance setting of the intelligent servo-electric right angle makes changing from one material thickness to another automatic and rapid.

The Shear Brilliance allows for shearing of a wide range of material thicknesses, to 5 mm for aluminum, 5 mm for mild steel and 3 mm for stainless steel. Maximum sheet size for punching and shearing is 3100 by 1565 mm.

Automatic loading, part exit and scrap removal come standard with the cell.

Prima Power North America:
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