“We can have someone trained and ready to use this product in a couple weeks,” he says. “Users are encouraged to comment on the software, this helps us to discover and eliminate weak points in our nesting strategies.”

Optimal Nests Without Longer Cycle Time

“Axiom provided us with common line punching across dissimilar parts and automatic recognition of irregularly shaped windows in parts, without giving up the processing speed that we need,” says Keller.

Keller also lauds the software’s ability to provide combinatorial shape nesting that selects the optimal mix of parts that meet complex constraints and manufacturing policies. Unlike true shape nesting, which only looks at one-half of the part at any time, combinatorial complete shape nesting visually considers the entire part shape and how it fits with other parts. It searches out opportunities to nests parts inside of parts to minimize scrap while ensuring execution of the production plan without unprofitable work-in-process inventory.

The ability to learn is another attribute of the software.

“To find the optimal fit, a nesting solution must automatically attempt multiple combinations of parts as well as optimal angle orientations for each part,” says Michael D. Lundy, CEO of Optimation. “If at any point during its evaluation of a nesting combination the software realizes that it will not beat the best result of the previous nests, it aborts that layout and moves on to the next. This ability to learn from previous solutions greatly reduces the number of alternative nests.” MF

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