New Tools Enhance Tube-Laser Performance

March 29, 2023

BLM-active-scan-tube-laserBLM Group, Novi, MI, has enhanced its line of tube lasers with its patented Active Tools technology, several features that promise to help the machines automatically adapt process parameters for optimal results. Included in the tool suite:

  • Active focus, which reduces cycle time by dynamically adjusting focal position to improve 2D/3D cutting/marking performance and quality.
  • Active speed, ensuring the use of the highest cut quality on all material conditions.
  • Active marking, for dynamic part marking during the cutting process.
  • Active piercing, optimizing piercing speed and reliability, even with inconsistent material quality and thickness.
  • Active tilt, which rapidly oscillates the 3D cutting head to optimize cutting speed.
  • Active scan (seen in the accompanying photo and video), ensuring precise tolerances by removing errors due to bow and twist in tubes, by using a camera/laser-scanning system which corrects in less than 0.6 sec.
  • Active weld, camera-based weld-seam detection. 
  • Active shape, featuring a profile-recognition used to allow for the automatic loading of custom sections such aluminum extrusions or rollformed shapes.
Here's more information and additional videos.
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