“Maintenance of These Cutting Machines

…since they’re so critical to our success, remains a focus for the shop,” says Herff. “The biggest challenge is keeping them clean, as over time garnet can build up in the tables. We’ve spent the last several month researching options for keeping the machines clean, to avoid having to drain the tables and shovel the garnet out.”

What Herff and the team settled on, after its due diligence, was an Extractor garnet-removal system. “One hose, moved around the table, even during cutting, by an operator pulls water and garnet out of the machine, while another hose recycles the water back—stirring the water and garnet around so that there is no sediment left in the machine,” Herff says. “In a couple of hours, the Extractor is full—we just use a forklift to raise it up over a dumpster to empty it; no special disposal requirements.

“The unit is phenomenal,” he continues—a real game changer to put a charge into our waterjet-machine OEE.” MF

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