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Plasma, Waterjet, and Software Products

June 28, 2023

Hypertherm Associates

Booths A4531, B15009

hypertherm-omax-waterjet-cutting-fabtech-2023Hypertherm Associates will feature its Hypertherm plasma-cutting and Omax waterjet-cutting technology brands from two FABTECH halls. The combined booth of Hypertherm and Omax brands, (A4531) will display a range of plasma and waterjet products, including the X-Definition plasma robotic-cutting system using Robotmaster software and the HPR cartridge for HPRXD plasma systems. Also being demonstrated: the ProtoMax, Maxiem and OptiMax (shown here) abrasive waterjets. And Hypertherm Associates will showcase demonstrations of its software solutions, including ProNest CAD/CAM nesting software and Robotmaster offline-programming software for cutting, welding, trimming, polishing, and other robotic applications.

Booth B15009 will feature the Powermax air-plasma products, including the Powermax SYNC with built-in intelligence and a single-piece consumable cartridge.

Industry-Related Terms: Nesting, Polishing
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Technologies: Cutting, Pressroom Automation, Software


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