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Tube-Bending Lube

September 1, 2010

ITW Rocol North America, Glenview, IL, introduces Accu-Lube JL-12, an opaque gel formulated specifically for tube-bending applications. Fabricators can either pump or hand-apply the lube directly to the tube or to the bending mandrel. No cleaning is required before welding, and in applications requiring painting or plating, the gel is easily removed. Compared to using conventional lubricants that flow down tubes, Accu-Lube JL-12 will reduce consumption, improve housekeeping, and prolong tool or mandrel life, according to company representatives. The gel is available in 5- and 55-gal. containers.

ITW Rocol North America: 847/657-5343;
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Technologies: Lubrication


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