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Create Cost-Effective Digital Twins with SaaS Application-Development Platform

September 30, 2021

Siemens-XceleratorSiemens has launched Xcelerator as a Service (XaaS), providing an accessible-from anywhere-anytime integrated portfolio of engineering software and services, and an application-development platform designed to help manufacturers speed their digital transitions and quickly and cost-effectively create comprehensive digital twins.

Xcelerator enables innovative product design and manufacturing via robust digital threads, ensuring that data are accessible when and where needed, according to company officials. Through a comprehensive Xcelerator digital twin, organizations can optimize their products and processes throughout the lifecycle. This past June, Tony Hemmelgarn, Siemens president and CEO announced the intention to transition the Siemens Digital Industries Software business to Software as a Service (SaaS) Siemens Xcelerator, using the cloud to make its products more accessible, more flexible and more scalable.

XaaS, an example of this transition, enables manufacturing organizations and their extended value chains to have a single source of truth and the ability to tap into high-performance computing (HPC), at any time, from anywhere and on any device, according to Siemens officials. Cloud-based services remove the need for HPC hardware or in-house IT expertise, and allow users to carry out compute-intensive tasks via a web browser.

XaaS reportedly provides need-based access to tools, features and compute resources via flexible and personalized solutions that offer instant productivity. The increased scalability offered by XaaS allows organizations to adapt quickly to market conditions and add capacity and capability when and where needed. This enables both ad-hoc and established groups of stakeholders to build and test products and processes with a comprehensive digital twin before investing in materials or equipment.

Siemens cites examples of XaaS effectiveness: A multinational automotive OEM can use XaaS to increase collaboration across its globally distributed supply chain, through secure collaboration between internal and multi-tiered supplier-led teams around the world, connecting experts across engineering, simulation, manufacturing and production,

Or, an automotive startup needing to jump from concept to deliverable market introduction can use XaaS and its product-development toolset across mechanical design, electronics, software development and more, without requiring IT infrastructure, to build comprehensive digital twins in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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