Invera’s Web-Based MRP Platform Enables Data-Driven Planning, Purchasing

December 16, 2021

Invera-Invex-MRP-software-service-centersInvera has released Invex-MRP, a web-based material requirements planning (MRP) application for metal service centers. The platform uses forecasting algorithms fully integrated with real-time data from Invex ERP to enable data-driven planning and purchasing decisions.  

Invex-MRP, say company officials, is a must-have tool for service centers that enter into part-specific customer contracts.  Here, finished goods are produced to a customer part, and typically purchased from the same purchased part. This can commonly be found in flat-rolled service centers that produce slit coil or sheet on a repeated basis to meet customer contracted requirements.  

Among the benefits of Invex-MRP:

•             Supply-chain and procurement staff can quickly see what products need to be replenished within a timeframe, eliminating the need to manually estimate shortages. 

•             Pair customer parts to purchased products and determine reorder points based on forecasted or historical demand patterns.

•             Customer parts can be grouped by a common purchased product and analyzed to determine whether a production order needs to be issued to satisfy just-in-time programs.  

•             Computes the purchase quantity and lead time required to avoid an inventory deficit.   

•             Manage requisitions and convert to purchase orders for a seamless and integrated planning and procurement process. 

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