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SoCal Steel-Service Center Welcomes New ERP Software that Supports Rollforming

June 1, 2010

Staub Metals Corp., a flat-rolled steel distributor of coil and sheet with facilities in Paramount and Fontana, CA, has implemented Stratix ERP software from Invera, Westmount, Quebec, Canada. “Stratix comes loaded with specific features related to our flat-rolled coil and sheet business as standard features,” notes Staub IT director Brian Schrunk, “which allowed us to implement the software with very few modifications. We also recently started rollforming metal studs at our facility, and the software easily handled that new product line and processing capability out of the box“

Staub implemented a full complement of Stratix features such as online production planning, shop-floor production recording, toll-processing functions that automate the billing of customer-owned material processing and online shipment planning. Other features include a comprehensive flat-rolled-specific production system to computerize all flat-rolled production, as well as a vehicle-scheduling function to plan and schedule inbound and outbound shipments and record the weight of each vehicle before and after material is loaded.

“Stratix handles any orders that require outside processing very efficiently,” adds Schrunk. “All information can be specified right inside the Sales Order module, which eliminates any time spent entering separate purchase-order transactions.”

In the warehouse, Staub implemented the WiFi Load Verification function, performed using a handheld wireless device to prevent loading errors. Loading operators scan the tags of the material loaded, and Stratix prevents the shipping documents from being printed until there is a full match.

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