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Advances in Pure-Copper Laser Sintering Revealed at AMUG

April 22, 2019
At AMUG 2019, Farsoon Technologies, on the metals side, showcased the development of its pure-copper laser-sintering process. The difficulty in additive manufacturing with pure copper: It has a high laser-reflectance rate—more than 90 percent—with standard metal laser sintering (MLS) systems. This makes it difficult for the laser to continuously and regularly melt pure copper powder, leading to issues such as interface failure and thermal cracking. In 2017, Farsoon and industrial partners began developing an advanced process to produce pure-copper additive components using Farsoon's MLS systems.
One part resulting from these collaborations: a pure-copper heat exchanger, printed as a single piece using Farsoon’s MLS technology, reportedly resulted in a more efficient heat exchanger than one produced via a traditional brazing process. 
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