HP Announces John Deere Application for New Metal Binder Jetting Technology

November 14, 2022

At Formnext…Among announcements of several developments related to its metal and nonmetal binder jetting technologies, HP Inc. detailed customer applications of its recently released Metal Jet S100 additive manufacturing (AM) system. 

Metal Jet S100 industrial customers include Domin Digital Motion, Lumenium and Schneider Electric, with HP providing additional details on the AM machine’s use by John Deere, namely for valve production in its tractor fuel systems.

Together with GKN, John Deere now is manufacturing Metal Jet-printed valves, revealed HP Inc. officials at Formnext, who noted that this production has enabled significant productivity gains and environmental benefits for John Deere, and has resulted in parts that function exceptionally in extreme weather conditions.

To optimize its production processes, the manufacturer also is leveraging HP’s Multi Jet Fusion nonmetal-AM technology to produce prototypes of a variety of components for testing and fine tuning. In the case of windshield-holder development, this prototyping capability has resulted in a host of reductions: in pre-assembly from 30 days to 10, in delivery times by as much as 10 weeks and in overall production costs by 20-25 percent.

“Our focus on innovation and sustainability is at the core of everything we do for our customers,” says Dr. Jochen Müller, manager of global digital engineering at John Deere. “We are proud to be among the first in the agricultural industry to leverage the benefits 3D printing for both prototyping and final-parts production. Leveraging industrial 3D printing platforms for polymers and metals, we are discovering opportunities to deliver more efficient, reliable and sustainable equipment.”

Metal Jet S100 features a 430 by 309 by 200-mm build volume, with binder jet layer thicknesses ranging from 35 to 140 μm. The two-printbar printhead system boasts 63,360 nozzles to provide four-times print redundancy at 1200-dpi resolution, with automatic nozzle health detection. The S100 can provide build speed to 1990 cm3/hr.

“AM delivers on today’s most urgent market demands including sustainable innovation, hyper-personalization and business resiliency,” says Didier Deltort, president of personalization and 3D Printing at HP Inc. “Together with our global network of partners and customers, we are scaling AM to meet these needs.”

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