New Ross Controls Electrical Isolation Device Proves Beneficial for LOTO

November 7, 2022

Ross-Controls-eLOX-electrical-isolationRoss Controls, Ferndale, MI, has expanded its range of electrical safety solutions by introducing the e L-O-X electrical isolation device.  The device proves particularly useful, say company officials, in situations where a long distance exists between the main electrical disconnect and the machine, causing extra downtime traveling back and forth when performing local lockout/tagout.

The e L-O-X includes a stop button that can be used to send a “stop” command to the machine. Once the machine has stopped and the disconnect switch (rotary on 30 to 100-A sizes) has been actuated and locked, isolation may be visually verified by use of the three-phase voltage indicator and by using the start button to test the machine and verify that it does not run. In addition to the 30-, 60-, and 100-A rotary-disconnect switch options, the e L-O-X also comes with a flange-type pull-down handle for 200-A systems.

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