Sheet Metal-Fabrication Software Focuses on Process Automation, Traceability

January 2, 2024

Lantek-sheet-metal-software-v43Lantek has released its Lantek v43 software, featuring more than 80 improvements and including flexible tools that help streamline inventory and daily work. The update, in addition to focusing on the speed and efficiency of processes, provides automatic and intelligent tools for users' day-to-day tasks, helping them achieve optimal results for the differing manufacturing scenarios found in every type of sheet metal manufacturer, according to company officials.

Incorporated in the new version are improvements in manufacturing and inventory management. These reportedly increase flexibility when reacting to production circumstances, while keeping traceability under control, strengthening security and optimising processes and material usage. Modules within the v43 software offer a host of features:

  • Lantek Expert. New features incorporate new options focused on flexibility in the production chain. These streamline programming to automatically apply selected cutting technology across a whole range of nests, creating machining for all the nested parts in the shortest possible time.
  • Lantek Flex3D. A significant re-engineering of key functionalities reportedly optimize performance and improve user experience. The software focuses on maximizing efficiency, both during the programming phase and in the machine cutting processes. In this way, Lantek Flex3D helps improve productivity by finding ways to reduce or avoid machine downtime—for example, minimizing the potential collisions with the cutting head, thanks to the new automatic holes destruction algorithm.
  • Lantek Bend. This latest addition to the cutting and folding suite represents a major step up in the company's multiplatform strategy, which aims to constantly incorporate new models of machines from different manufacturers.
  • Lantek MES and Lantek Integra. These are designed to allow agile and flexible production planning, optimizing both inventory and the efficient use of resources while maintaining complete traceability at all times and enabling precise control of total costs.


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