SigmaSuite V23 Redefines Nesting Strategies and Process Optimization

November 4, 2022

Sigmanest-SigmaSuite-V23SigmaNest, a provider of CAD/CAM and business software for the fabrication industry, introduces version 23 of its software suite, delivering new nesting strategies to further optimize part processing and workflow efficiency. And the new release includes three new Connected Shop applications--a set of software tools that connects the people and processes in the shop with the goal to leverage the unique nature of the operation. Says vice president Kevin Ramirez: “While the goal is to optimize all available manufacturing resources, the emphasis on real-world nesting based on operational processes has shown extraordinary value in compounding efficiency beyond material savings alone.”

Among new nesting features: bump for tooled punch parts see viedeo), relaxed nesting for improved skeleton integrity, optimized nesting for process and NC mechanics beyond yield alone. Bump-nesting updates include the ability to retain a boundary and avoid nesting within destructed notch areas, tool-dependent bump boundaries, part rotation based on tooling, and common cut-line bumping. The new Relax Nest feature (shown here) can spread parts out on the cropped area of a completed nest to create a stronger skeleton, reducing the risk of part tipping and part distortion from excess heat. Other enhancements allow users to optimize process workflow as they profile cut rather than forcing them to start over to add the options for the nest, such as removal of pre-piercing operations, crop cut side selection, apply scrap cut preferences, or apply proven company standard defaults

And Version 23 has new tools to boost punch-programming productivity, including single-click loading to the turret of tools (including entire pattern tool groups) using a new Quick Drop feature. And Version 23 makes work-order management, report printing to dedicated devices, and lead-in/out control for multiple layouts easier with both universal and granular control built into the updated user interface. 

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