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3YourMind MES, ERP Software to Help Power Automation Alley 300-Printer Manufacturing Network

May 11, 2021

From AMUG 2021…3YourMind has joined Automation Alley’s Project DIAMOnD (Distributed, Independent, Agile Manufacturing On-Demand), a distributed manufacturing network of hundreds of printers across Michigan manufacturers designed to accelerate the digital transformation and ensure supply-chain resiliency. 

Created by Automation Alley and funded by Michigan’s Oakland and Macomb counties, this program, developed in 2020, reportedly has created the nation’s largest network of blockchain-enabled 3D printers. The program currently features 300 networked Markforged 3D printing machines located throughout Michigan.

Now a program partner along with Markforged, Microsoft, Autodesk and Giggso, 3YourMind is providing the capabilities of its Agile ERP and Agile MES custom-built software tools that aggregate CAD data and identify additive manufacturing (AM)-ready parts for production. These tools seamlessly integrate with a variety of 3D printing technologies and materials, enabling end-users to coordinate production across multiple facilities, according to 3YourMind officials.

“Distributed manufacturing is the future, and we believe that our software platform will enable manufacturers to localize production and leverage domestic expertise,” says Alexandre Donnadieu, 3YourMind managing director. “Our role in this project is to further the digital platform and provide end-to-end workflows that make it much more efficient for OEMs to produce parts on demand.” 

On-demand production through distributed manufacturing may become the most economical way to simultaneously improve customer satisfaction and develop a more sustainable model to do so, according to Automation Alley officials. By removing the logistical costs of shipping, transportation and unnecessary packaging, they offer, Project DIAMOnD is providing a blueprint for economical and environmental sustainability.

“With our established community of 3D printers and 3YourMind’s agile manufacturing software, we can coordinate production orders from many different locations and ensure part repeatability,” says Tom Kelly, Automation Alley executive director and CEO. 

Adds Donnadieu: “In order to accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing, we must rely on machine learning and technology connectivity. Blockchain technology supports the digital 3D printing network, and our software paves the path for data transparency. We believe that supply-chain resiliency is possible with Automation Alley.” 

Project DIAMOnD is poised to become the world’s largest emergency response network for printing parts on demand, as well as the largest 3D printing network to date, according to Daniel Lazier, Markforged strategic application engineer, who recently authored an article in the Spring 2021 issue of 3D Metal Printing on how AM is evolving in the post-pandemic world.

“(Project DIAMOnD) represents just one example of how manufacturers are beginning to rely more heavily on AM,” Lazier wrote, “and demonstrates the exciting potential of collaborative, multi-node networks for instantaneous production. The ongoing ‘in it together’ mentality will be critical as we respond as a community to future disruptions.”
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