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Back Gauge

Stop located in the rear of a metal forming or fabricating machine which is used to position the workpiece during an operation.

Banding, Metallic or Non-Metallic

Strong, lightweight ribbons, generally of steel or nylon, applied under tension to strap packages on a pallet.

Bar Coding

Machine readable alphabetic and/or numeric information used for identification of packaged parts.


An older term used to describe the decarburized skin that develops on steel bars heated in a non-protective atmosphere.

Barrel Tumbling

Process in which parts to be deburred are put together with abrasive material into a many-sided barrel and slowly rotated for prolonged periods for the purpose of burr removal.


See Primer.


Bottom transverse structural member on metal forming machine.

Belt Sanding

Metal removing process in which an abrasive impregnated endless cloth belt does the cutting.

Bend Radius

Inside radius of a formed feature.

Bend Relief

Clearance notch at an end of a flange to allow bending without distorting or tearing adjacent material.