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Theoretically exact planes, lines or points from which other features are located on design drawings.


To remove the sharp, knife-like edge from parts.

Dedicated Tooling

Commonly referred to as hard tooling is tooling made to produce a specific part.


Defective surface condition where scale, slag or other impurities not removed during mill processing affect the surface of the sheet.

Depth Stop

See Back Gauge.


Tool with a void or cavity which is precisely fitted to a Punch used to shear or form sheet metal parts.

Die Angle

Forming term used to denote the inside angle of a matched punch and die set.

Die Block

The main part of a die that holds the punch and other components in place.

Die Clearance

The intentional gap or space between the punch and die to allow for material flow and prevent binding during the stamping process.

Die Clearance

Amount of space between the punch and die opening per side.