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Lanced and Formed Tab

See Formed Tab.

Lanced Tab

See Formed Tab.

Lap-Welded Joint

Welded seam in which the two metal pieces to be joined overlap one another.


Acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Laser Welding

Metal melting and fusing using the energy of a concentrated coherent light beam.


A CAD file is like a layered stack of clear transparency films with design information on the different layers. They are superimposed on each other. One can look down through all of the layers at once, or only selected layers.

Lead Screw

Drive system which converts rotary to linear motion.

Lead Time

Time required to manufacture a product from order placement until availability. It includes planning, engineering, tool design and construction, acquisition of materials, scheduling, fabrication, finishing and packaging.

Leg Size

Width and height of the filler bead of welding material.

Lever Arms

A scissors-like apparatus used to apply pressure to the spinning blank.