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N/C Press

Numerically controlled press. See CNC Turret Press.


Numerically controlled.


1 Grouping of identical or different parts in multiples within a workpiece to conserve material. 2 In packaging, stacking of parts whose shape permits one to fit inside another.

Nibble Marks

Slight irregularities at the edge of the stock surface after progressive punching nibbling operations in a turret press.


The process of adding nitrogen to the surface of a steel, usually from dissociated ammonia as the source. Nitriding develops a very hard case after a long time at comparatively low temperature, without quenching.


The targeted value for a dimension that defines the size of an ideal part.

Non-Ferrous Metal

Elements and their alloys without iron as a major constituent.


Information not related to the shape of the product. i.e. part number, notes, material lists, tolerances, etc.

Non-uniform Coverage

Inconsistent paint thickness.


The process of heating steel to a temperature above its transformation range, followed by air cooling. The purpose of normalizing may be to refine grain structure prior to hardening the steel, to harden the steel slightly, or to reduce segregation.