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1 Thick oxide coating on material normally associated with hot working. 2 Deposit formed from solution directly in place upon a confining surface.


Edge condition resulting from nibbling a feature in a turret press.


Leftover, unused material relegated to recycling.

Selective Perforation

Hole or slot pattern over a specific portion of a workpiece, normally used for ventilation purposes.

Self Extracting Archive File

A library file that can automatically create a group of CAD files without requiring the operator to have any special knowledge, or use special software.

Self Fixturing

Part designed to be self-locating into proper position to another part with the use of built-in locators.

Self Locking Fastener

Fastener which is machined with interference threads or which has a nylon insert or other locking mechanism to securely hold mating fasteners in high torque or vibration applications.


A gloss range between high gloss and eggshell, approximately 35 to 90 on the 60 degree gloss scale.


See Half Shear.

Shake Aparts

Term designating a family of parts on a sheet which are held by Micro Ties so small that the parts can be removed from the sheet after CNC punching by simply shaking the sheet.