Advanced DfAM Course September 28-30 in Youngstown, OH

September 21, 2022

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Advanced DfAM Course September 28-30 in Youngstown, OH
Wohlers Associates presents its Advanced Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) Certificate Course, presented in partnership with America Makes, September 28-30 at America Makes in Youngstown, OH. The course provides foundational information, special methods and approaches to design, and hands-on practice. Topics covered include consolidating parts, topology optimization and lattice/mesh structures. Best practices will be discussed as well as established DfAM guidelines.

3D Systems image
3D Systems Releases Copper-Nickel Alloy for LPBF
3D Systems has released CuNi30, a corrosion-resistant, copper-nickel alloy for use with its DMP Flex 350 metal 3D printer, with general availability expected this fall. CuNi30 often is used to manufacture pipe fittings and valves for the marine, offshore oil and gas, and chemical and nuclear industries. These alloys also possess stable mechanical, physical, and thermal properties, making them suitable for cryogenic applications. And, CuNi alloys historically are difficult to cast, often adding costly cycles of rework and reinspection to meet quality standards.

Mantle video
Commercial Launch of Mantle’s Metal-AM Technology for Toolmaking
Mantle has announced the commercial launch and availability of its metal-AM technology for toolmaking, designed to simplify how mold-tool components are made and accelerating how manufacturers make molded parts—from product idea to launch. Mantle’s hybrid technology--additive and subtractive machining with sintering--works together with its proprietary Flowable Metal Paste in creating high-precision inserts. This singular application focus on toolmaking solutions enables Mantle to optimize the value of its technology for toolmakers, company officials report.

Uniformity image
Uniformity Labs’ Stainless-Steel Powder Qualified for Desktop Metal Shop System
Uniformity Labs announced the availability of its ultra-low-porosity 17-4 PH stainless-steel powder for the Desktop Metal Shop Pro binder jetting platform. The powder reportedly delivers superior material properties as well as sintered-part geometric accuracy, process yield and print uniformity at high throughput. And, low and reportedly stable shrinkage allows for manufacture via binder jetting of large parts with process stability reportedly enabled by the low-cohesion, low-porosity powder that repeatably spreads uniformly across the build bed.

HP video
HP Debuts Metal Jet S100 for Mass Metal-AM Part Production
HP has debuted its Metal Jet S100 binder jetting system, touting its ability to mass-produce metal AM parts. Currently the HP Metal Jet S100 utilizes two stainless-steel powders—HP Metal Jet SS 316L and HP Metal Jet SS 17-4PH—with process parameters that achieve MPIF 35 properties. Other materials have been evaluated and can be developed for specific applications and properties, according to HP officials.

The S100 features a 430 by 309 by 200-mm build volume, with binder jet layer thicknesses ranging from 35 to 140 μm. The two-printbar printhead system boasts 63,360 nozzles to provide four-times print redundancy at 1200-dpi resolution, with automatic nozzle health detection. The S100 can provide build speed to 1990 cm3/hr.

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