Winning in Times of Big Change

March 7, 2022

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Winning in Times of Big Change
Michael Davenport, executive director of the Auto/Steel Partnership, offers his perspectives on why he believes that some teams perform better than others during times of massive change, much like what we’ve all experienced these last 2 yr.

“Winning teams,” he writes, “understand their business well enough to know what will drive key decisions. I also think that they stay focused on the fundamentals, those things that built their business, even in the chaos of change. Winning teams leverage the innovations they develop, and they partner with others to benefit from diverse expertise and experiences.”

Read on to learn Davenport’s thoughts on what drives decisions and how to leverage innovation.
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Tomorrow’s Workforce
“The optimist in our current environment envisions a vibrant workforce eager and engaged in accomplishing goals. Unfortunately, a myriad of factors ranging from rising inflation to global conflict are distracting us from this exciting forecast.”

So goes this online article from Critical Ops, which provides four solid steps that manufacturers can take to help build tomorrow’s workforce. Step one: Prep your workplace. “Recognize a decrease in the workforce, financial stimuli and longer-term delays to debt that must eventually be paid. Address these changes by considering people, processes, technology and data.”

Other steps include completing a skills matrix and reviewing your onboarding processes.
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4 Reasons Why Attending the Metal Stamping and Lubrication Technology Conference Makes Sense
  1. Keynote presentation from Laurie Harbour. As one of the industry’s most respected leaders, Laurie utilizes her experience and industry data to look back over the past couple of years to see how the industry has evolved while providing upcoming challenges and opportunities for 2022 and beyond.
  2. Network with peers and leading industry suppliers in person, while also viewing exhibits on the latest technologies impacting the industry.
  3. General-session presentations on metal stamping and lubrication technology.
  4. Ten breakout sessions—you choose the right presentations for you.
Learn more and register to attend.
4 Secrets to Attract Top Talent and Drive 6x Performance
Join PMA and MetalForming magazine on Thursday, March 31, 2 PM EDT, for a free 1-hr. webinar explaining how an upgrade in MES software can help manufacturing leaders recruit a qualified workforce.  The webinar features a case-study presentation with Ram Precision, explaining how its investment in StartProto’s easy to use MES has allowed the company to make the jump to a completely paperless operation, capturing the valuable knowledge of its current workforce and making the company a highly attractive place for young and talented workers to start their careers. In addition, by using the documentation and routing tools built into StartProto, Ram Precision eliminated bottlenecks in its processes and cross-trained existing employees, increasing shop throughput by 35 percent.
A Company Vehicle Crash Could Impact Everyone
With the costs of “nuclear verdicts” continuing to rise, your business may be on the line should an employee suffer a devastating company-vehicle crash. Advice offered here by Federated Insurance: Train employees properly and create a strong company driving policy to help avoid crashes and keep your employees—and your business—safe.
The blog offers tips for creating a strong driving policy, and notes: “Communicate, demonstrate and enforce your policy.”
How to Make the Best Use of your Employee Handbook
Employee handbooks only serve as sound communication and reference tools when they’re used and not merely collecting dust on some physical (or digital) shelf. The website of AllMyHR, a team of professional and credentialed human-resource advisors, offers advice on how to develop, and then use, an employee handbook.  And it includes tips on keeping the handbook compliant.

Here’s a taste: Communicate to employees what general behaviors and procedures are expected of them. These include general safety responsibilities, confidentiality expectations, timekeeping processes, reporting procedures, dress codes and any other ways of doing things at your organization.
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