Watch: BMW Opens World’s First Virtual Car Factory

April 19, 2023

BMW video
Watch: BMW Opens World’s First Virtual Car Factory
Dr. Milan Nedeljkovic from the BMW AG Production Board of Management presents the firm’s new virtual manufacturing plant, built using the Nvidia Omniverse computing platform, that its engineering teams will use to develop new factories more quickly, and produce more efficiently. BMW can use the platform to connect its global engineering teams and allow them to collaborate in new ways. The video showcases one such virtual planning session, where the teams leverage the virtual factory and digital-twin technology to develop a new body shop.
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Automakers Reevaluating Lean, Moving Away from Just-In-Time
A survey commissioned by ABB Robotics reveals that supply-chain disruption and rising material costs has executives at automotive OEMs and their suppliers reevaluating their lean-manufacturing principles, shifting from just-in-time to just-in-case strategies.  Manufacturers are holding more stock to protect against unplanned disruptions, finds the survey, produced in partnership with Automotive Manufacturing Solutions magazine.

When asked how significantly various technologies will change the industry, 50 percent of respondents view digitalization and data management as extremely significant, 43 percent say the same about automation and robotics, and 39 percent of respondents view modular and flexible manufacturing as extremely significant.
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