Mike Ingalls, Executive Director of Operations, Dayton Rogers, E709

February 28, 2024

Mike is the Executive Director of Operations for Dayton Rogers Manufacturing Co., a metal stamping and fabrication company. Dayton Rogers is headquartered out of Minneapolis, MN. Founded in 1929, Dayton Rogers has provided quality stampings and fabrications to a multitude of industries for 95 years.

Over the 6 years Mike has spent with Dayton Rogers, he has held many positions; Purchasing Manager, Quality Manager, Manufacturing Manager, and Operations Manager, and General Manager. Mike has a passion for metal stamping, metal forming, and fabrication.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys making connections in the firearms industry. Holding his personal Federal Firearms License, he is often buying and selling firearms. On the weekend, you can find him on the tractor or spending time with his wife and family. He graduated high school in 2009 and went on to the University of Wisconsin, River Falls where he studied in Business Administration.

Michael’s vision for the future of manufacturing, specifically short run stamping, is automation through process and tooling.

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