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The Challenges of Laser Additive Manufacturing: Power Density, Focus Shift and Spot Size

February 22, 2018
To create consistent, strong structures using laser-based additive manufacturing processes that meet flyable DoD standards or FDA requirements, the metallurgy must be consistent. In addition, a laser beam of known dimension, power density, and focal spot location is required. In this webinar, Ophir's Dick Rieley discusses additive laser processing and the challenges that arise with high-power laser material processing. This 3D Metal Printing webcast describes the challenges faced in laser additive manufacturing applications.

Dick Rieley is Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region for Ophir Photonics (U.S.). He joined the company in 1998. Prior to that, served as Sales Manager for Vanzetti Systems, a manufacturer of PCB laser inspection systems for the military, and Marketing Manager for Belden Corporation, manufacturer of electronic wire and able. Rieley is the author of dozens of articles on laser measurement and applications. He holds a BA from Miami University. When not knee-deep in lasers, he enjoys blue water sailing and racing along the New Hampshire coast.
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