5 Reasons to Avoid ERP Revision Prison

November 18, 2015


As a manufacturer, you focus on things like quality, equipment maintenance, profit, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. The last thing you want to think about is the age of your ERP software. Yet there you are, missing out on new features and innovations that could help your operations and your customers. But you’re not taking advantage of them. Why? Because you’re stuck in “revision prison”—a world where your company constantly fights the battle of either falling behind or taking on those painful, disruptive, and costly ERP software upgrades.

If you work in IT, this is just one of many software challenges you face, but it’s a big one. If you work in operations, you wince knowing that there is newer software available that works more efficiently and drives higher productivity. But the path to get there is not easy. Your ERP software vendor presents an upgrade ‘strategy’ to you, but it involves a lot of time, likely production disruption and implementation costs that weren’t scoped back when you originally bought the software.

Oftentimes companies don’t think about the pitfalls of their recently purchased or incumbent ERP software systems. These shortcomings, however, are more than a nuisance. They impact operations, revenue and your future, and varying data suggests that more than half of ERP customers are on versions two releases old or older. This paper outlines five common challenges faced by manufacturers stuck in revision prison and describes a better way forward.

Plex, A Rockwell Automation Company


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