Serialized Inventory Tracking

October 20, 2015


Today’s manufacturing enterprise works hard to meet customer delivery schedules with quality parts while reducing costs. Those manufacturers able to achieve these demands do so with programs in place to reduce work-inprocess inventories, shorten production times and minimize production costs.

Yet for many organizations, inefficient material handling and inventory control processes often impede the ability to meet these objectives.

Integrated Solutions

Manufacturers looking to overcome these difficulties turn to integrated manufacturing solutions that reflect the physical reality of the material handling process.

Integrated ERP and MES systems track and locate inventory transferred from one location to another. These advanced systems identify in real time current inventory levels as impacted by inventory transactions.

The Legacy Approach

This real-time approach differs from legacy ERP systems that offer a limited ability to track inventory movement within the enterprise.

As an example, legacy systems traditionally track the warehouse, location stored, part number and quantity in a single record, even when there are multiple quantities of one inventory type. These systems don’t provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, location or volumes.

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