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Markforged Consumer Survey Reveals Belief in Onshoring, 3D Printing to Ease Supply-Chain Woes

July 18, 2023

Markforged-Survey-Supply-Chain-3D-printingA new survey from Markforged indicates that consumers consider onshoring and 3D printing as key to easing supply-chain issues that have plagued society since the onset of the recent pandemic. The data suggest that although a majority have experienced shipping delays and many put the onus on the government and businesses to overcome these issues, significant gaps exist when it comes to knowledge around solutions, according to Markforged officials.

The majority of respondents (68 percent) expressed belief in the importance of onshoring for easing supply-chain issues. Expressing confidence that technology can address these issues, 43 percent consider 3D printing as a long-term solution for addressing supply-chain issues, with 39 percent responding that they are unsure about the potential of 3D printing in this regard.

In addition, nearly 30 percent of respondents indicate that they have heard of 3D printing being used to address supply-chain issues, but more than half (51 percent) reported not having heard of such applications. This suggests a need for the 3D printing industry to better market its capabilities in addressing supply-chain issues to consumers. But that said, 77 percent of respondents find 3D printing to be a valuable solution to easing supply-chain issues by printing items on demand. 

Other survey findings:

  • More than half of respondents (56 percent) believe that governments and businesses should invest more in 3D printing technology to address supply-chain issues, with 53 percent thinking that the United States has not done enough following the pandemic to onshore production. 
  • 52 percent indicate having experienced delays in the delivery of online-ordered products within the past six months.
  • 37 percent claim that as a result of supply-chain issues, they have noticed changes in the quality of products that they buy, while 53 percent reported experiencing difficulty finding specific products in store or online due to these issues. 


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