Load-Calculator App Compatible with All Press Brakes

September 2, 2020

Cincinnati-AppA new load-calculator app, CI Load Calc from Cincinnati Inc, (CI). allows users to determine the press brake tonnage required to air bend a certain piece of metal. The free app, compatible with all makes and models of press brakes and press brake tooling CI Load Calc, is available for iOS and Android.

Operators often must calculate the air-bend tonnage needed to form a part on a press brake. Recognizing this, for years CI has housed a load calculator on its website for years. Consistent and impressive traffic for the calculator warranted the development of the company’s first mobile app, according to CI officials. 

In the app, press brake operators need only to select material, thickness and bend length, and then enter the V-die opening. The app automatically provides the inside bend radius and minimum flange. The app provides the formability factor and required tonnage, either in metric or imperial scale. CI Load Calc also saves previous entries, and users can access that history at any time.

“The load calculator page on our website is one of our most-viewed pages,” says Matt Garbarino, CI director of marketing communications. “It’s simple, helpful and manufacturer-independent. If users are trying to buy a press brake and need tonnage ideas, or looking at a job and seeing if the current equipment can handle it, the load calculator can do that.”

“We did a lot of research before launching into app development, and we found that similar tools out there are extremely clunky,” says Matt Garbarino, CI director of marketing communications. “Plus, they default to metric and do not allow the user to select easily which units they prefer. The app is easy to use—everything is done in just a few screens—but a lot of thought went into the user experience. As a result, anyone on the shop floor who’s dealing with press brakes will think CI Load Calc is pretty slick.”

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