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Electrohydraulic Hole Punchers Offer Power-Retract Function

April 15, 2014

Electrohydraulic hole punchers offer power-retract functionHougen Manufacturing, Swartz Creek, MI, has added two new electrohydraulic hole punchers to its lineup of hole-punching machines. The new Hougen-Ogura models 75002.5PR and 75004PR feature a lightweight single-body construction, allowing operators to punch holes in steel in as little as 2.3 sec.

Both models include the new power-retractable punch system that allows the user to power-reverse the punch back out of hole. This improves productivity in hard, elastic materials that tend to grip the punch, not allowing it to auto-return to the home position after the hole is produced. The punch units—at a slim 24.9 lb.--use only electrical power for operation; no need for additional hydraulic pumps or hoses.

The 75002.PR provides 10.1 tons of force to punch round holes to 3/4-in.-dia. through 1/4-in.-thick steel and oblong holes to 9/16 by 13/16 in. The 75004PR delivers 16.9 tons of force to punch round and oblong holes in material to 3/8 in. thick.

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