Profile Bending Machine —Compact and Versatile

March 7, 2024

boschert-PBT-15-profile-benderBoschert, Butler, WI, announces the U.S. launch of the new PBT15 profile bending machine, able to produce tight radii on small profiles, as well as large radii on complex and substantial profiles.  Use the machine to perform accurate and repeatable bends on tubes, bars, angles, T-profiles, U-profiles, beams, and custom complex profiles. It features a space-saving, compact design and comes equipped with high-performance CNC control. All three rolls are individually driven by clean and quiet electric motors. Roller size: 40- or 65-mm dia.   

The machine’s front-roll spacing is highly adjustable, allowing operators to achieve very tight radii with seamless transitions. Users will benefit from the smart safety features of the PBT15, including an LED signal light that indicates operating status, and a bending direction that directs the workpiece away from the operator. 

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