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Tube/Pipe Rotary Head Cut-off Machines

October 1, 2013

Graebener-Reika, Inc.
Booth S3522

Graebener-Reika, Reading, PA, a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheetmetal, will display its new Reika Advantage series rotary-head machines for cutting tube and pipe. The machines promise to deliver all of the quality benefits of rotary-head cutoff technology in a cost-efficient package with a user-friendly interface. The cutting tool rotates around a stationary tube or pipe, rather than spinning the pipe (as with lathe-style cutting machines). Rotating the cutting tool minimizes the eccentric load on the machine, allowing for faster cutting times and improved tool and equipment life.

Reika Advantage machines will OD-chamfer both ends of a tube and produce accurate rectangular and perpendicular cuts with no surface damage. They come in two sizes–a two-slide cutoff with a 17-kW motor, and a four-slide cutoff with a 24-kW motor. Both can process tube diameters from 89 to 219 mm, with wall thickness to 20 mm.
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