30-kW Laser Cutting

June 17, 2022

Cutlite-Penta-30-kw-laser-cutting-LamieraAt Lamiera, the recently held sheet metal-processing tradeshow held in Italy and attended by MetalForming, Cutlite Penta premiered its Fiber Plus 30-kW fiber laser cutting machine. Movement via linear motors enable high dynamics (to 2.5 g) and productivity even on extremely complex geometries, according to company officials. 

The Cutlite Penta-designed and -built cutting head promises high cutting quality for sheet thicknesses to 50 mm, with the machine’s dynamic fluid management reportedly allowing for significant savings in use of assist gases and, in turn, decreases in operating costs. Specs include work areas to 15100 by 2150 mm and beyond in custom versions; z-axis travel of 120 mm; and cutting speed to 140 m/min.  

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