Gas-Reduction Nozzle Technology for Mitsubishi GX-F Fiber Lasers

January 29, 2024

MC Machinery-Mitsubishi-AGR-Mix-NozzleNow available through MC Machinery is Mitsubishi Laser’s new gas- and burr-reduction technology, AGR-Mix, for the Mitsubishi GX-F Advanced series of artificial-intelligence-enabled fiber lasers. AGR-Mix nozzle technology, which reportedly improves cut quality while reducing gas consumption when cutting mild steel, does not require expensive external blending tanks or high-pressure oxygen. The AGR-Mix features a unique structure: Nitrogen is funneled to the center of the nozzle in an air shroud, while a separate chamber funnels some of that air into the nitrogen stream. This produces a mix gas composed of about 95% nitrogen and 5% oxygen. 

Combining low-pressure air with nitrogen within the nozzle creates a blended gas that easily can be adjusted based on material type, according to Mitsubishi Laser officials. And, the wider kerf that mix gas provides eases removal of parts (especially thick parts) from skeletons.

To develop AGR-Mix, Mitsubishi Laser built on its no-contact AGR (Assist Gas Reduction) nozzle technology, which reduces nitrogen-assist gas consumption by as much as 75%. AGR-Mix now reportedly can reduce such consumption even further, to 50% more.

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