All-Purpose Bandsaw Blades Cut a Variety of Steels

January 19, 2024

Q601-M42-bandsaw-blade-sawbladeQsaw 601 M42 all-purpose bandsaw blades, available through, cut different sizes and shapes of high-carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, structural steel and more with ease, according to company officials.

Features include  5-7 deg. positive rake angle, M-42 cobalt high-speed steel edge and ground tooth form. Reported benefits include rapid cutting rates, long life on moderate- to difficult-to-cut materials and low cost per cut.

Each blade is custom-built with aggressive tooth geometry and a fatigue-resistant backer. Setting the teeth alternately on the left and right side at regular intervals breaks the regular tooth pattern to reduce noise and, therefore, vibration and chatter. Resisting heat, abrasion and shock, the blades can be used in horizontal and vertical machines, and are ideal for contour and general-purpose cutting.

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