Fagor Arrasate Teams Up to Develop Smart Shears for High Strength Steels

September 8, 2020


fagor-shearFagor Arrasate announced plans to participate in a European research project to design smart shears for high strength steels, with a predictive system to monitor for cutting-tool deterioration. The project, called IntellCutProcess, will analyze the various parameters involved during the cutting process. The data obtained will allow for the optimization of the cutting tool, including the protective coating.

The shear will be equipped with sensors to measure cut-quality indicators such as burr height and cutting-area profile. With this information, the system will be able to monitor cutting-tool degradation and enable planned interventions and scheduled production—all to optimize overall equipment effectiveness.

To validate results of the research, project partners will build a fully sensored prototype for cutting of thick sheet and install it in an operational cutting line for evaluation.

The program is financed by the European Union’s RFCS-2019 (Research Fund for Coal and Steel) Program. Other project partners include Mondragon Unibertsitatea and blade manufacturer Zorrotz.

Industry-Related Terms: Burr Height, Burr, Prototype
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Technologies: Cutting, Sensing/Electronics/IOT, Tooling


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