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New Fab. Software Balances Automation with Needed Manual Input

May 15, 2018

The latest release of Radan sheet-metal-fabrication software from Vero Software includes new functionality to give users a greater degree of manual control where flexibility is required for certain aspects of individual production processes. While Radan 2018 R2 continues to provide important automation tools for improving productivity, according to company officials, users’ knowledge and experience of a company’s components can address certain specifics that are often unique to their own manufacturing procedures.

One such new tool is Grid Nesting, which gives additional flexibility for users wanting to create or manipulate a nest manually. For example, if a sheet isn’t completely full, users can let the automatic nester take over, or, if they have a clear idea of what they want to do, this new function provides a simple way of filling a space with a particular part. Users can even stipulate the direction they want individual parts nested in.

Reverse Cutting Direction is another example of providing additional user control. This new functionality is particularly important for CNC plasma-cutting tools, where working thicker material often generates considerable heat, which can cause the metal to distort. With this feature, the challenge can be resolved with a single mouse click to simply reverse the cutting direction on certain areas of the material where there might be an issue.

A major automation update provides an improved way of calculating the most effective remnants. Previously, the operator had to manually choose the shape of the remnant–a square or rectangle–but the Improved Remnant Handling function reportedly ensures that the best possible option is always cut.

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