Chemcoaters Introduces Corrosion-Inhibiting Coil-Coating for HRPO and CR Steel

May 12, 2023

Chemcoaters, Gary, IN, a provider of corrosion-inhibiting metal coatings, has developed and launched a thin-film coating for cold-rolled and hot-rolled pickled and oiled (HRPO) steel. This thin-film coating, named FeGuard, reportedly is the first of its kind to offer significant corrosion protection to these substrates. FeGuard, designed for application to master coils on Chemcoaters’ coil-coating line, is aimed at providing alternatives to lower zinc-coating weights.  

According to R & D director Brit Capizzano, Chemcoaters saw a need to bridge the gap between carbon and galvanized product performance and satisfy customer needs for beyond 24-hr. humidity vs. salt-spray testing. After rigorous development, it engineered FeGuard, an “aha moment,” Capizzano says. “When exposure time in the salt-spray chamber could be counted in days, not hours, the product began to compete with galvanized substrates like EG, and then eventually made its way to HDG-equivalent performance.” 

Offering corrosion resistance at thinner film thickness than a traditional paint system, FeGuard can be custom engineered for specific applications. The coating system also offers anti-fingerprint properties and lubricity for forming operations. 

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