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Environmentally Friendly Fluids Resist Corrosion

September 1, 2008
Pico Chemical Corp., Chicago Heights, IL, introduces a series of environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors under its PicoGuard brand that saves manufacturers money by eliminating the downgrading or scrapping of corroded parts or machinery components. 

PicoGuard 17625, a non-VOC, water-based and oil-free concentrate adaptable for in-process applications, has no flash point and provides manufacturers and steel processors with a safe, economical method for corrosion protection. It is easily mixed with plant water and, depending on the length of protection required, typically is diluted at concentrations of 5 to 25 percent. PicoGuard 17625 is normally applied by spray or immersion methods at ambient temperature and if dried, will extend protection times even further. The concentrate can be added to water-tank interiors and CNC coolant systems.

PicoGuard 6225 is a low-VOC corrosion inhibitor where either long-term indoor or short-term outdoor protection is needed. It contains no oil or barium compounds, produces an imperceptible film, and does not interfere with downstream processing such as cutting, welding, finishing or painting.

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