Quaker Houghton Enters Joint Venture with Grindaix

April 20, 2021

Quaker Houghton, Conshohocken, PA, a provider of industrial process fluids, has entered into an exclusive joint venture with Grindaix GmbH, a German-based provider of coolant control and delivery systems for a wide range of machining processes. Grindaix equipment helps manufacturers precisely measure and optimize parameters such as coolant flow, velocity, temperature, nozzle angles and pressures.

“This partnership is an excellent strategic fit with broad application,” says Joe Berquist, SVP and chief strategy officer for Quaker Houghton.  “We see several advantages for our customers investing in system automation and optimization trends evolving from Industry 4.0. Grindaix’s data-based approach to coolant-system operation has been growing steadily in the German market, and we see an opportunity to leverage its technology across our broader solutions portfolio.”


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Technologies: Lubrication


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