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LSP Debuts New B Coater Blank-Lube System

March 30, 2021

LSP-B-Coater-Lubrication SystemLSP Industries has introduced its B Coater, a lubricating system for stamping blanks that promises to reduce lubricant consumption by as much as 70 percent, say company officials, and increase productivity by as much as 30 percent compared to a manual lubrication process.  The stainless-steel B Coaters come in six sizes to handle blanks from 6 in. or less to as wide as 48 in. and are designed to operate reliably in the rigorous metal -stamping environment.   

B Coaters are driven with a variable-speed motor to feed each blank through the rolls as the lubricant is applied.  A manifold system allows each blank to either be fully coated or selectively lubricated on certain areas.  An LSP electronic controller ensures the application of the proper amount of fluid.   A diaphragm pump mounted on a variety of reservoirs supplies the lubricant.

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