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New EOS Vlog Covers Responsible Manufacturing

August 16, 2022

The Blueprint for Responsible Manufacturing vlog, new from EOS,  delivers insights into projects, concepts and ideas of how to make responsible manufacturing the new normal. Hosted by Björn Hannappel, head of sustainability for EOS Group, the Blueprint vlog includes interviews with EOS customers, suppliers, research institutes, non-governmental agencies and colleagues.

The first guests are Sebastian Zenetti, managing director and head of sales at You Mawo, which provides customized and sustainably produced eyewear, and Sebastian Kilchert, research associate at Fraunhofer EMI. A study conducted with Fraunhofer EMI reported that You Mawo’s frame production measures three times more sustainable than conventional manufacturing processes. Kilchert explains in detail the study’s focus, which includes a lifecycle assessment.

The vlog also is available as a podcast, available on various platforms.


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