3D Simulator for Incorporating Automation into Manufacturing Projects

August 14, 2023

Mitsubishi-Electric-Melsoft-3D-Automation-SimulatorNew from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., Melsoft Gemini 3D simulator software, allowing users to expedite the design and construction of manufacturing projects as they introduce new automation components to their facilities. By connecting to a variety of software and factory devices, Gemini provides visualization, simulation and streamlining of work processes.

Gemini operates using a PC-based 3D digital space and connects directly to factory devices without having to go through an Open Platform Communications (OPC) server, enabling 3D data to be updated in digital spaces approximately 12 times faster than OPC environments, according to company officials. As engineers use the software for verification purposes, they can test and debug the automation logic for machines and systems, as well as check the operation of a planned production facility prior to construction. As projects advance into operation and maintenance phases, engineers quickly can identify causes of abnormal occurrences in production lines using logged data to step through and review error events on the synchronized 3D model, PLC sequence monitor, waveform display and/or video data.

"The manufacturing sector is seeing an increase in demand for digital transformation within factories," says Lee Cheung, associate product manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. "Software assets such as 3D simulators are a pivotal part of this transformation."

Gemini includes a hardware menu offering selection from approximately 2500 types of production equipment, including robots, conveyors, processing machines and more. These can be combined in a simulated 3D production facility via simple drag-and-drop operation. Users also can set parameters to adjust the way that the virtual production line operates.

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