Cetec ERP Launches AI Chatbot

February 26, 2024

ERP-software provider Cetec ERP, Austin, TX, has launched a new artificial-intelligence (AI)-based chatbot tool, developed to provide users of the software with immediate responses to the most common questions.  Once users ask a question—from any screen within Cetec ERP—the AI chatbot reads and summarizes Cetec ERP’s website and documentation to provide an answer. It also provides links to relevant document pages, including how-to videos. If questions require further assistance, customers with a support plan can create a ticket with the Cetec support team for more personalized, in-depth help.

The AI chatbot promises to provide immediate assistance, fast-track support tickets, and become a useful and timesaving tool for any manufacturing company using Cetec ERP, including job shops and medical-device manufacturers.


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Technologies: Management


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