Manufacturing-Software Selection Kit

July 1, 2014

CTS Inc., Rockville, MD, an independent ERP-software research company serving mid-market manufacturers, has released an enhanced 2014 edition of its Manufacturing Software Selection Kit. The kit, available for download, provides manufacturers with the information and tools they need to qualify and choose the most capable ERP systems for their size and manufacturing mode.

Manufacturers from simple job shops as well as companies in the aerospace and defense, chemical and electronics industries can benefit from the kit, which includes:

• Reviews of 30 manufacturing software options;

• A fast-facts comparison chart that compares vendor technology, pricing, support costs, training options and related information;

• A needs-assessment tool that identifies the critical functions for more than 32 applications;

• A software-demo scorecard template and;

• A manufacturing-software ROI calculator.

The kit also includes a buyer’s guide on issues to consider when looking for software, and a CEO’s primer to changing software.

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