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New Rootstock Cloud ERP Release Features New Analytics Modules

May 8, 2023

Rootstck-Software-Spring-2023-ERP-Enterprise-InsightsWith the Spring 2023 release of its cloud-based ERP system, Rootstock Software has launched Enterprise Insights, a new analytics solution, as well as enhancements to its Financial Management module and a boosted Lightning experience. 

Enterprise Insight, built on the Rootstock data foundation, enables it to connect other products such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud and Service Cloud. Enterprise Insights then can consolidate data from ERP, CRM and other connected solutions. This analytics solution extracts and presents this data to provide a big-picture overview of a manufacturer’s business—as well as the ability to look at data from various organizational perspectives and in relation to other metrics, according to company officials. Dashboards reportedly are easy to use and configure; users simply drag, drop and filter data, enabling their at-a-glance visualizations to include valued key performance indicators.

Enterprise Insights consists of five modules, as described by Rootstock officials, that enable manufacturers to analyze key areas:

1. Sales Analytics allows manufacturers to identify trends and understand where sales teams should focus to improve revenue and results. Leaders can use metrics to set goals, improve processes, assess profitability by product or region, and drive decisions on where to invest future resources.

2. Spend Analytics helps manufacturers track spending trends, improve supplier sourcing and, ultimately, reduce costs in the procurement process. Because this module compiles data from across the Procure-to-Pay process, manufacturers gain visibility to streamline inefficiencies, improve contracting terms and enhance supplier collaboration.

3. Inventory Analytics provides insights to help manufacturers improve inventory performance. Users can track products through the supply chain, from the purchase of raw materials to final sales. Using this information, manufacturers can minimize the risk of stockouts, backorders, excess inventory and shrinkage, as well as reduce average costs per unit.

4. Manufacturing Analytics provides insights to help manufacturers optimize their shop-floor performances. They can view dashboards on production, scrap rates, lead times and other metrics to help drive continuous improvement.

5. Financial Analytics provides manufacturers with increased visibility into their assets, liabilities, income and expenses. These insights help leaders monitor revenue and costs and make more informed business decisions.

The Spring 2023 release also includes enhancements to Rootstock Financials. In the Financial module, manufacturers will have the flexibility to enable various payment options to help drive revenue. For example, they can facilitate credit card payments, support transactions from external sources and user-developed webpages, and enable out-of-the-box payment types, such as subscriptions and leases. In addition, customers can use Rootstock Financials to set and track a corporate budget against actual spending.

Rootstock is also dedicated to providing a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Toward this end, the company has made significant investments in its Rootstock Lightning Toolkit, which gives users greater usability and flexibility in tailoring user experiences. 

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